A Global Warning


Today, Anggie Setia (senior advisor of The Cure For Tomorrow) and I went to Usmar Ismail Hall, Kuningan. Yesterday she contacted me: “Hey, I’ve got a good news for you. I have 2 tickets…” I wasn’t aware enough about the event, but then, I decided to go (though I had to miss the match between Indonesia and the Korea Republic) because it really sounded interesting.

So, I took off from school to Pasar Festival, our meeting point. And then, we walked to the venue. I was in a bit of doubt at first, because in the front of the venue there were no banners at all about the event. When we got inside, we were instantly welcomed by a few environmental-friendly corporations’ stands such as WWF, Equinox Publishing (the one who held this event), XS, Aksara Bookstore, etc. It was cool. The mineral water was even served in the old packaging (bottles made of glass). They exhibited solar energy technology and led lighting too. There were banners with earthy messages everywhere, like “Plant A Tree”, “Save Ink and Paper”, “Use Recycled Papers”… And I got:


  • Tas kain Aksara Goes Green (Rp10.000,-)
  • 1 rim of CyclusOffice recycled paper (Rp55.000,-)
  • WWF “Reuse, Refill, Reduce, Recycle” pins (for free)
  • WWF “Power Switch” keychain with facts about energy and global warming (for free)
  • Pictures!
  • A wonderful experience! Why?

If you have seen David Guggenheim‘s “An Inconvenient Truth“, this is not the movie screening. This is the live presentation! There was an expatriate who lives in Bali, named Emerald Starr. He was ordered by Al Gore himself to present about global warming phenomenon in South East Asia. He came all the way to Jakarta for this event.

Marvelous! Unfortunately, although the tickets were given for free (by the internet), the seats were not fully equipped. The presentation room looked like a cinema studio/hall, like in 21 Cineplex. So the venue was cozy enough.

The presentation was better than the one which was used by Al Gore in the movie, because WWF added more about Indonesia (especially the deforestation issue). One thing which was too bad: I was the only high school student who went there.

After the presentation from Emerald Starr for about one and half an hour, Mark Twain (the CEO of Equinox Publishing) told us some story about the reason why did his company became environmental friendly. One day, he watched “An Inconvenient Truth” and asked himself, “what can I do to stop global warming?”. So, he ordered recycled paper to Denmark, and since then, every single book which is published by Equinox Publishing will be printed on recycled papers. He said, “I am a businessman, but I sell my new books with the same price, although I used recycled papers which cost twice the price of regular photocopy papers. My profit became less because of that… but it’s okay.”