Hello;Fest IV

Last Saturday at 5 PM, my boyfriend and I went to Gedung BPPT II (Jl. MH Thamrin No. 8), to attend 4th Hello;Fest Ceremony. Hello;Fest is the first motion picture arts festival in Indonesia, held by Hello;Motion School of Animation and Cinema. It was established under the flag of Yayasan Animasi dan Sinema Muda Indonesia and the current principal of the school is Wahyu Aditya (the creator of Padi’s “Bayangkanlah” music video).
Hello;Fest IV's Crowds!

The ceremony actually started on 3 PM, there were a small exhibiton and costume players’ performances. I decided to depart late because I only wanted to watch the movie screening, which began at 6 PM. I only watched 2 (of 3) terms though.

Movie Highlights
Semua karya menunjukkan betapa majunya Indonesia dalam produksi sinematografi, terutama di bidang animasi (lebih banyak karya animasi yang ditampilkan). These are my favourites, anyway:

  1. KWEK – a three-dimensional animation by Aneka Pixel, which sets somewhere in Java. The plot is about the struggling of three rubber ducks to get together. It really pumped our adrenaline hormone when one of the rubberducks almost slid into the water closet and it felt as if we were watching “Mission Impossible” when they were trying to save each other, although we only hear “quack, quack, and quack” and understand nothing. I think the creators want us to realize that “even rubber ducks have such solidarity, why not us?”. Salute for the creators who were able to ‘re-draw’ a simple things into an incredible story. This 10-minutes animation is even better than Disney’s “Toy Story”.
  2. POSITIF+ – I had watched this movie in JiFFest 2006. At the beginning, it felt like watching sinetrons, where Dara (Risty Tagor) had just figured out that she was pregnant (of course she wasn’t married yet!). She tried to tell her parents (Bucek Depp, Unique Priscilla), who were busy famous celebrities. The act of their parents were very annoying, in a hilarious way. Yang lebih hilarious lagi was how they react to Dara’s condition (which was far, far from any sinetron in Indonesia). Thumbs up!
  3. ZSA ZSA ZSU – A music video created by Traumarama for RNRM (Rock N’ Roll Mafia), which used 1500 frames and more than 12 kilograms of colourful buttons to make this awesome stop-motion video. They drew nothing, they just assembled the buttons into pictures where RNRM were performing. INGENIOUS! Ini baru namanya karya orisinil, sederhana, nggak main-main sekaligus luar biasa.
  4. FREE ME – A stop-motion work from Epica, it tells us about a girl in a picture who was trying to get out of the frame. Cara bertuturnya sederhana, animasinya juga nggak luar biasa. But somehow, I really, really enjoyed watching the movie.
  5. There’s one more, but (sorry,) I forgot the title. Menceritakan tentang seorang siswa SD yang rajin belajar karena ingin mensejahterakan dirinya dan kakaknya, tapi kakinya pincang. Sementara kakaknya adalah seorang pencopet yang tidak lagi suka bermimpi. Karena harus membayar uang sekolah adiknya, sang kakak mengajak adiknya tersebut untuk mencopet. Namun, ketika lari dari kejaran massa, adiknya terperangkap di rel kereta api dan meninggal dunia. Love the tag-line: “Mimpi adalah cita-cita. Meraih cita-cita bukanlah mimpi.”



17 Agustus 1945 – 17 Agustus 2007

I cannot explain about the annual flag ceremony I attended in my school. It was just too spirited, peaceful, outrageous! :-)

Btw, on yesterday afternoon, I watched TV to see my friend, Ajeng Larasati, former schoolmate of mine. Ajeng was “pembawa baki sore”, which means, she was the one who gave the flag back to Mr. President. She was so pretty, brought the flag perfectly and guarded by a few PASPAMPRES members around her, and gave the flag to Mr. Yudhoyono. I almost cried, to be honest. I’m just so, so proud of Ajeng!

Ajeng tugas !

This is her, Ajeng Larasati, who was giving the dwiwarna back to Mr. President.

Media Indonesia, 12 Agustus 2007

This is what I did to fill the independence of Indonesia: motivate myself and people around Indonesia, hahaha.