Role Model?

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Vanda told me to go to this blog and I found this:

Topik kita hari ini adalah, Role Model.
Apa sih role model itu ? Role = peran, Model = teladan
Jadi kalau digabung, peran teladan atau contoh teladan. Kalau begitu, siapa, sih role model dalam hidup kalian? Dulu kalau ditanya pertanyaan ini, gue masih bingung mesti jawab apa.
Secara memang gue nggak tau pasti role model macam apa yang pantas buat gue.
Seiring jalannya waktu dan gue juga makin dewasa (caelahh), akhirnya gue menemukan teladan yang pantas untuk gue. Who is she/he ?

Answer : Alanda Kariza.

“Who is she? An actress ? Or a singer ? I have never know here before…”
Mungkin itu yang bakal kalian tanyakan pada diri sendiri. Alanda Kariza itu bukan seorang artis, penyanyi, atau siapapun. Pasti ada alasan kenapa gue jadiin dia role model gue. Sebelumnya… gue malu, nih kalo ampe orangnya iseng dateng ke sini, trus baca-baca xD;
Oke, alasannya adalah she is so a talented girl. Bayangin, man, di umur yang baru 14 tahun (3 tahun yang lalu), dia berhasil nerbitin novelnya “Mint Chocolate Chips”. Impian gue di umur 15 tuh nerbitin novel sendiri, sampe sekarang juga nggak kesampean T_____T
Trus, dia president-nya TCFT- The Cure For Tomorrow, satu komunitas sosial yang ngebahas tentang lingkungan dan masyarakat. Dia yang diriin sendiri bareng beberapa teman lantaran selalu ditolak kalau mau gabung ke organisasi sosial kayak UNICEF atau WWF. Alasan ditolak, gara-gara terlalu muda.
Mulai dari situ, dia mulai dicariin banyak media untuk diwawancara dan lainnya.
Dia motivator gue sampai gue punya prinsip dalam hidup gue sekarang : raih prestasi sebanyak mungkin kau bisa selagi kau muda.
Berarti gue nggak salah pilih orang, dong, untuk menjadi role model gue?
Bakal gue buktiin kalau gue juga bisa sama seperti dia. Resolusi tahun 2008 akan membuktikannya =D


Di Udara

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“Human rights in the sense of human solidarity has created a new universal and equal language going beyond racial, gender, ethnic or religious boundaries. That is why we consider it a doorway to dialogue for people of all socio-cultural groups and all ideologies.” (Munir)
I was listening to one of Efek Rumah Kaca‘s (ERK) songs when I suddenly googled one of Indonesia’s modern-day heroes, Alm. Munir Said Thalib. ERK is an indie band which is really “happening” right now. At first, I listened to their song “Cinta Melulu”, which has hilarious/parody lyrics. Since I haven’t got the chance to buy their album, I went to their MySpace page and listened to a song “Di Udara”. Some media wrote that the song was dedicated to former activist, Munir, who was murdered on 2004.
The song was so… good. Listening to it makes you imagine how strong Munir’s struggle was. My heart was shaking so hard.
The lyric was like this: “Aku sering diancam, juga teror mencekam. Kerap kudisingkirkan, sampai di mana, kapan? Ku bisa tenggelam di lautan, aku bisa diracun di udara, aku bisa terbunuh di trotoar jalan… Tapi aku tak pernah mati, tak akan berhenti. Ku bisa dibuat menderita, aku bisa dibuat tak bernyawa, dikursilistrikkan ataupun ditikam. Tapi aku tak pernah mati, tak akan berhenti…”

He was the most famous Human Rights and anti-corruption activist, Wikipedia wrote. He founded KontraS (Komisi untuk Orang Hilang dan Korban Tindak Kekerasan) and was a member of many counsels and organizations (click here for the list). He received An Honourable Mention of the 2000 UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence (Paris, November 2000) and The Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prizes) for Human Rights and military control by civil society promotion, Stockholm (December 2000).

I think his name must have remained as a hero for human rights in Indonesia.

He once said,

“We all need to consider the possibilities of a united world based on the sense of humanity and solidarity. Crimes committed by a nation-state or in the name of progress and development will be reduced only if we are able to recognise ourselves as part of other humans’ destiny”.


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Heath Ledger, a notable actor who recently filmed “The Dark Knight” (the latest sequel of “Batman”) as Joker, was found dead in his apartment in Manhattan. He died Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008, naked in bed with sleeping pills nearby.

It is a big loss for me, and I’m sure–for the world, to lose an actor who’s as remarkable as him. I’m not a fan of Ledger, but he’s one of the best actors nowadays. “He was so successful at breaking out of the teen idol image,” said Neil Armfield, an Australian director about Ledger.

He was only 28 and had filmed many great movies including “A Knight’s Tale”, “Casanova”, “Brokeback Mountain” and “10 Things I Hate About You”. Read the full article about his death here.

Anyways, the Oscar nominations are out! Click here!

Just My Luck

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I’ve been writing for Jakarta Concerts for only 3 days but God had answered my question (again) through them. From the help of Suryo and Ryann, I got a free ticket to watch Switchfoot‘s concert in Jakarta! Yay! Alhamdulillahi robbil alamiin…

So, Devanata Gura, the owner of BIG TONE (SF’s concert’s promoter), gave the ticket by himself (kind of. LOL) because he likes the article I wrote in Jakarta Concerts about SF.

Just to remind you, I had gotten another free ticket. It was on my 16th birthday. I got a free ticket to watch MUSE, live in Jakarta, from KOMPAS Muda (Thank you, Edna. It still is the best birthday ever! :))

Just wait for the concert report Hehe. Oh God, I LOVE YOU!

About Switchfoot’s concert in Jakarta! by Jakarta Concerts

Contributing for Jakarta Concerts

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My friend, Suryo, is one of the administrators of Jakarta Concerts. He asked me to write an article about Switchfoot, who will be coming to Jakarta on January 24th, 2008, for them. Simply because Switchfoot is also my favourite band, I’d love to do what he asked me to. So, I write an article about Switchfoot in about 30 minutes (with some helps from Wikipedia and YouTube, of course :P) and sent it right away to Suryo.

Last night I signed in on MSN and chatted with Ryann, the founder of Jakarta Concerts. He thanked me for the nice article and apologized because they could not give me anything (like honorarium and so on). What the hell, I will keep writing for them of course!

So, starting from January 18th, 2008, I am officially a contributor for Jakarta Concerts! Want to know more? Please firmly read the following passages:

Jakarta Concerts was established in 2007 and became the first site in Indonesia that is specialized in international concerts that withheld in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. mission is to build the largest concerts lovers community in Indonesia, and by holding to that mission we always improve our quality and facility. vision is to make Jakarta as one of the international concert destinations, so we need a lot of support from our website visitors, promoters, especially from concert and music lovers in Indonesia.

Share your euphoria!

See you guys, there!

PS: If you’d like to read my first article there, please click here.

Provoke! Student Edition

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Almost every high school student in Jakarta knows the magazine. Yes, this is not another teen mag, this is the mag for teens! Read the official description about them:

PROVOKE! adalah majalah gratis untuk kalangan remaja yang pertama di Jakarta yang mempromosikan kreatifitas, keanekaragaman, dan ide-ide non konvensional untuk stimulasi pemikiran.

They had released their student edition in their first volume, titled “Dunia Kelabu”. On their second volume, they will release another student edition and I was chosen to be one of the Agent Provocateurs as a writer!


Today, I went to their briefing. I am responsible to write the Cover Story 1 & 2. I’ll write about it here as soon as there’s any update. Wish me luck, okay, people?