Hey guys, sorry for the *silence* for the last two weeks. I got 10 tiring days since my 17th birthday, and I’m quite awful right now. The birthday bash was so great.

  • I got about 180 greetings on that day (calls, SMS, Friendster and all kinds of “socializing sites”, IMs, direct speech, etc).
  • I got surprise from my bestfriend Suryo (who’ll be at the front row of Incubus’ concert tomorrow night) by the midnight, and a home-made birthday cake from my junior HS peeps.
  • I got a Darth Maul action figure from my cousin, a set of painting tools from my beloved B, a pencil case from my friend, a DVD from Suryo, uhmmm…

Oh well, on Feb 25th my friends got mad at me about some thing. When I told my BF, he didn’t say a thing. When they told my BF later, he was mad at me too. We fought for three days straight, loud shouting on nights, which were very terrible :'(

I was the committee of Malam Kesenian (MAKES) 2009: Pacific Paradise, an annual event of my school. I was the project secretary but still very busy on the D-day. The venue was at the poolside of grandkemang Hotel and you could see RAN and Richard and The Gillis if you came. The event was perfect till the midnight, but then, our seniors were very mad and tried to crash the “party” :| I was very upset, most of my friends cried that night.

Last Saturday, B and I had a fight again. I cried so hard. I still got many school assignments to do on Sunday, which tended to be very tiring.

I’m restless.

Sorry for the gloomy post.