I feel like I’m being exploited.. by myself. I torture myself doing these things everyday. My body is very tired, so is my mind, but I keep thinking.. about many things. I miss that smile. You can see myself smiling up there :)

So, TCFT will hold an event which will contain musical performances from well-known bands (you should come if you flow with indie bands), art exhibition (painting and photography), eco-friendly products exhibition, trash bins and BIG donation boxes. We’ll also have carbon calculators, recycling workshop, movie screening, and a hell lot more. The problem is, we don’t have enough money for now.

On March, we divided the committee into a few teams to do the fundraising. I targeted that each team will have to collect money with IDR 5 millions as the minimum amount by May 5th, 2008. I already accomplished my part, but none of my friends have. Gee, May 5th is next Monday. What should I do? I’m restless and I don’t sleep well every night. I keep printing proposals, calling sponsors, anything I can do. I even skipped classes and most of my mid-term examination results are below 75 (which means: remedial). I got so bad on Math and Chemistry, my results were do-re-mi. I had never gotten that low for examination results. Not to brag, but I usually did well, even though I’ve never been the top of the class.

Sometimes I think I need to stop. I need to stop trying to save the world. I need to stop trying to make my parents proud, they will never be. Sometimes I think I’m doing this TCFT all by myself and the other members don’t have the same possessive feeling like I’ve always have in my heart and mind. Sometimes. Sometimes. Sometimes I’m pessimistic about everything. More.. I’m skeptic.

Guys, if you want to be a part of our event by giving sponsorship or donations, comment this post. I’ll call you right away. Thank you for reading my dull and weird days, people.




… stands for Yogi Anilla Riesta, a friend of mine. I knew him from deviantART. I adore his paintings so much, yet he really support me to learn painting. With all that talent, he’s very low-profile. Check out his beautiful gallery by clicking here. What’s yayer, he made a painting for me! Take a look below.

© Yogi Anilla Riesta. All Rights Reserved.

What’s more insane is, he said that this painting is BAD. Geez, Anilla! Well, I am so lucky to be painted by him, hehe.

Happy Earth Day

Hey, fellas!

Happy Earth Day!

Hahaha, I’ve deleted my messy posts. I’m stressed out these days but I think it ain’t good to share my depressive feelings with you all. I’m sure you’re searching for entertainment and happy updates if you ever visit my blog.

I had many things on Earth Day. Aisha and I were invited to be interviewed in the show Morning Zone (TRAX FM). There were also other environmentalists/activists, such as Ivy from Solar Generation (Greenpeace), Telly and Nadia as CosmoGIRL! Green Action‘s ambassadors (they’re my juniors in CosmoGIRL! of The Year, haha :P). The hosts were Melaney Ricardo and Ichsan Akbar. I’m not really satisfied with the interviewed though : (

Later on, Adit asked me to join him to watch the movie “Earth“. Maybe some of you have heard that WWF held an event that night, including the movie screening. We went there with my bf and also Adit’s gf, Sari. Each of us got a T-shirt from merchandises, there was Q&A sessions about The Earth, percussion performance from STOMP, tortillas (yumm!), carbon footprint calculator (try it here), mybabytree, Earth Photo Exhibition, etc. I was waiting for a discussion session with Garin Nugroho, but he didn’t come : (

The movie was very great. You have to watch it (although maybe you’ll only buy the ones from the piracy empire hahaha). Please log on to www.loveearth.com for more. Happy Earth Day!

Foreign Trip

© Natasha Tontey for Foreign Trip

I was blogwalking and I found this online shop, named Foreign Trip. The dresses are very cute and most of the items are sold already. Besides promoting this online shop, I just want to say that I found my twin cousins as their models :P Meet Ravenska Munaf (the top picture) & Rivenski Munaf (the bottom one), here.

Rough Critics?

Just got home from the cinema, I went to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles with my lil sister (Aisya) and my bestfriend, Suryo (he had watched the movie for 3 times, though). Last night we chatted about many things, including how concern he is to our friend, Nindi, who has a blog too. I’ve never met her before but we did greet a few times on MSN, Friendster and she commented my blog (yes, the one’s you’re reading here). She’s very kind and she’s a fashionista (in my point of view), since she really knows how to be stylish (I think she is stylish).

She writes mostly about fashion and Indonesian football (Bambang Pamungkas and his gank). Well, it’s her choice and I think it’s good to be different. There were less blogs which contain fashion news and tips,  back then right? Well, I should skip the blah blah blahs.

The thing is, she wrote a post about the coincidences which happened to her. Most of those coincidences were about fashion (on being a trendsetter, specifically). I know, people have coincidences too, they just don’t post them in their blogs. But I think, blog is a place for your own expression, right? You decide what to write on your blog. You can post anything unless it hurts other people. Know the phrase “freedom of expression“? Blog is the place. If you don’t like what I write, leave. Simple, huh?

Unfortunately, many people hates that post of hers. There were like twenty (or more) comments, yang isinya “menghujat”. I’d say “menghujat”, because it really is! The comments are just too mean and I became concerned too, very, very concerned.

I personally think that people should be more diplomatic when they want to criticize people. I did find that some of her writings are unusual, but so what? It’s her expression and I really, really respect that. Come on, people, you don’t even know her and you can’t tell her what to do, because it’s her life. Well, I know that you guys are annoyed with the post, but try to criticize politely. We are educated humans.

I’m on your back, Nindi. :)