Love Me If You Dare (2003)

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I couldn’t find the DVD of this movie, so I googled and found an exciting website, Watch Movies. Just like Crunchy Roll, we can fully watch movies online, including newly released movies, such as Iron Man, What Happens in Vegas, etc.

Love Me If You Dare plots Julien’s (Guillaume Canet) childhood, when he met a bullied schoolmate named Sophie (Marion Cotillard). They started a game of dares, using a candy tin from Julien’s mom. After his mother’s death, Sophie lives together with him and his daddy, she even slept in the same bed with Julien–for 10 years.

They made fun of each other and kept continuing the game until they are going to finish highschool. They fell in love, but Sophie got confused because Julien kept assuming that it was only a dare from Sophie. Many things came between them: Julien’s dad, exams, other things, other people, and even themselves.

This movie is lovely, the romantic-comedy I like–which has the same “type-of-movie” with Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. The dialogue and scenes are just romantic, I cried at some parts of the movie. Well, sometimes tears of joy, sometimes the real ones. Julien and Sophie went crazy for each other, with an insane way to express it.

Yann Samuell’s way of storytelling is pretty impressive. The colours of the movie makes it better. On their childhood, the colours were very bright and exciting, and it fades as they grew older and older, while the plot became sadder and sadder. As the story goes, the dares became more violent, more dangerous, yet mesmerizing at the same time. Ah, too many things came along the way.

The unexpected ending was also one of the things that makes this movie loved (and hated). I don’t really like the ending, which went just like Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind: tragic and romantic at the same time. You can have many interpretations in watching the ending. Many critics came to the movie, because of mischievous Julien and Sophie’s madness. I still love the movie though it surely hasn’t passed my love for Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.

A refreshing movie if you’d like to see romantic movies, other than romantic comedies or even the too-much-drama ones.


Speed Racer

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Hell! I watched another movie today, after twice of Iron Man in a week! The short review, here goes:

  1. Told ya, Emile Hirsch’s such a hottie too. I wanna see him in Into The Wild.
  2. Christina Ricci is very cute in this movie, she looks different.
  3. Too much fantasy and colours; which is cute, but sometimes annoying.
  4. I’m a fan of Disney-kind-of-endings, so I’m a bit disappointed when Rex did not.. (watch yourself)
  5. Incomparable with “The Matrix” Trilogy, I had thought of something “bigger” and “wow-er”.
  6. We were taken to a Fantasyland, I could not understand :(
  7. Good movie, but since I didn’t watch Speed Racer animation, I did not fully enjoy it.

It’s here

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I have just received the package from Sitta Karina, a friend who’s also a dedicated author. Her new book, SATU HARI BERANI, will be released soon and I wrote a blurb! Take a read:

“Sitta Karina menyambut globalisasi melalui tulisannya yang tidak hanya inspiring, tetapi juga membuka amta untuk melihat dari berbagai dimensi. Menulis menjadi caranya untuk mengubah paradigma remaja supaya lebih mencintai budaya Indonesia tanpa menghindar dari globalisasi. Kehidupan tradisional dan modern yang ia padukan menjadi ciri khas dalam karya-karyanya, dan tentunya merupakan nilai tambah tersendiri karena tidak dipunyai penulis lain. Lebih dari itu, saya selalu menyukai tulisan-tulisan Sitta, yang dapat membuat saya berkali-kali menelaah masa lalu, dan berusaha untuk menjadi jauh lebih baik di kemudian hari.”

ALANDA KARIZA, Penggagas The Cure For Tomorrow, finalis CosmoGIRL! of The Year 2006, penulis novel Mint Chocolate Chips

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