At Most Fear

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Hi, just went home from a tiring (but nice) day. I went to school as usual, 7 to 3, and then my good friend Adit picked me up and took me to see fX, the new concept of Sudirman Place. We ate in The Muffin House which is definitely became one of my favourite place to go at the moment, and he took me to try AtMostFear, a 72 m long tube from f7 to f1. Click here for the site.

My body feels ill at the moment, dunno why. I’ll tell you about the AtMostFear thingy later on. Anyways, please do check my newest writings on LACUNA. Drop comments. See ya

Holiday Highlights: 30/06/08 – 02/07/08

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Faculty of Pharmacy, Padjadjaran Uni
First destination, got here at 11 AM. Not much. We only took some look at the campus’ facilities and got insights about the faculty itself. We prayed here and had our lunch in the bus. The trip to Jogja took quite long. We arrived in Jogja on 11.30 PM and stayed in Brongto Hotel.


Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada Uni

Chu, Sisil, Karin, Citra, Alanda, Sasha

After having breakfast in the hotel by the morning, we departed to UGM and got there on 10 AM. Same with went we went to UNPAD, we took a look at the campus’ facilities and curriculum. We took some photos together too.

Prambanan Temple

I’ve never been to Borobudur and Prambanan, so this is a new experience for me. I was very happy to witness such heritage, with that gigantic size. Indonesia is really, really wonderful. I didn’t get the chance to take in-depth looks to every parts of the temple but I’m still happy I went there. Come visit Prambanan, people! The entrance ticket is very cheap

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The Dark Knight!

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is simply fuckeeennnn’ awesome! I’m loving Heath Ledger moooorrreee! The movie lasts about 2 and a half hours and I think it’s still not enough.

The story started as Joker (Heath Ledger) distracted Gotham’s stability. On that moment, Batman (Christian Bale) is being hated by the people in Gotham and Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) was being the District Attorney. Dent had to deal with mobs and allied with Batman and Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman). He was also dating Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gylenhall), which made the situation “warmer” between Batman and him.

The effects are, as usual, stunning–just like other superhero movies. The mood is really, really dark, just like Batman movies’ character when Michael Keaton took the role. The gadgets were beautiful as well, from Batmobile, Batpod, his “usual” Lamborghini, every single gadget in the movie is just great.

The dialogue and scenes, especially the ones with Joker in it, are simply beautiful. You must let your eyes “leave” the screen because the movie is just too good to be missed! I’m really happy to watch it on the premiere

Acting scores? Heath Ledger is the best in this movie. He played his role very well, far ahead beyond Jack Nicholson’s acting back then. He definitely made people think that Joker is a psycho (and cool at the same time) supervillain, who kills people and does bad things only because he wants to. He is insane, freak, crazy, mad, but he’s greeeat! His voice makes it even better. The dialogues between him and his soon-to-be victims, the way he did (awful) things from mass-murdering, video-capturing until blowing a hospital down.. Geez!

Christian Bale did well too, but he was not as fantastic as Ledger. Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, and Maggie Gylenhall are good actors, though they didn’t steal my attention. Aaron Eckhart from No Reservations was also stunning. Ah yep, forgot to tell you, not only Joker, but Two-Face–the other supervillain in the movie–is also sweeeettt!

The ending was like, “uhmmmm…”, but I’ve gone through 2 or 3 climaxes watching this movie. Great movie, much much much beyond my euphoria after I watched Transformers. Well done, Christopher Nolan!

Life Elements

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bahwa ternyata aku dan kamu
tidak seperti air dan tanah yang selalu tercampur
tetapi seperti angin dan air yang takkan bisa bersatu
namun selalu berjalan beriringan, sampai kapanpun

sekarang katakanlah padaku
yang manakah yang lebih kau puja?
apakah bintang yang bertaburan di atas sana
ataukah aku yang bersimpuh di atas pasir

Bali, I forgot the date and time
but it was sunny
and I was all by myself


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is the most favourite word (and place) for me at the moment.

I stayed in front of this relaxing pool for one week, along with this great view, and you can see Sanur Beach right there if you were sitting next to me when I took this picture.

But still. This ain’t home.

Holiday was fun, but I missed home a lot. I miss mom, dad, sisters, Jakarta and everything in it. Almost two weeks without PC, the internet, television, magazines, movies, or even newspapers. I had never been this far from home, this long. I’ll write about my vacation (detailed!) later on.

I had just arrived in Jakarta last nite, at about 21.07 WIB using AirAsia, QZ7519 Flight. I’m still kinda tired, I stayed at home all day. Tomorrow’s the first day of year 12! I’m really excited.

Anyway, I have just heard the news about the tragedy which happened to a student of Pangudi Luhur High School. I am wishing the best for the late Winston Renaldi, although I did not have the chance to know him. Please allow me to give my deepest condolence for his parents and family, and of course for the family of Class of 2009 Pangudi Luhur High School.

FYI, Winston passed away on Thursday, July 10th 2008, after being stabbed on his chest in his room. You can read the full news here.