Live Forever

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I read my best buddy’s personal message on WLM.

When you can live forever, what do you live for?

I was stunned. Many people wish they could live forever. I wish I could live forever. But, if God grants this wish, what do I live for? My life will be meaningless when the people I love have gone. Really.

Maybe God won’t let us live forever because most of us don’t have aims in life. We just live this life, go with the flow. Maybe people in modern days live shorter because people lose their hopes gradually. Maybe Prophet Adam lived for a thousand years because he had aims, he had missions, he had many wonderful things he wanted to do. Maybe God just gave him more time because he had more wishes. He had more good things to do.

And us? What do we live for? What do I live for? Am I really living or just going with the flow? Oh, no. I will do heaps of things. I have a lot of things I want to do. There are plenty of things I haven’t done in life, like… Travel around the world, meet R2-D2, get married, see the Northern Lights, find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it for a year, and more… and more…

Things like these bring back memories. It’s like I’m taken to two years ago, when my Grandma passed away. I whispered to her right ear, “Grandma, I promise. I will make you proud. I will.”

I will live my life to the fullest. It gets shorter everyday, you know.

Oasis – Live Forever


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Two days ago I represented my school in the selection for National Science Olympiad of English. Pray for me

Life Lessons

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Two days ago, I learned that there is some people who only want to have me, who only wants to make me one of his possessions; but he’ll never really be there by my side.

Yesterday, I learned that we, teenagers, don’t grow up together. Some of us grow up earlier, some of us grow up at the perfect time, while the rest grow up later.

Today, I learned that there are some good guys who want to be there by my side, without even thinking about making me one of their prized possessions. There are some guys who stay there whenever you need them, whatever you say, whatever you do.


Man. This Is Big.

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Ever heard about Enda Nasution? He is often called as “Bapak Blogger Indonesia”, as Jurnal Nasional reported. I personally admire himself and his writings. I’ve started blogging since 2004 and I had never heard about him. The first time I saw “him” was on a national newspaper which published an article about Indonesian bloggers. Since then, I drop by to his blog regularly, like what I did today.

Aaaand, I found something wow. Something awesome!

He posted a few sentences about my community, The Cure For Tomorrow, which is really great. Too bad Aisha is in the US already so I can not tell her about this ASAP. I’ll have to wait until she wakes up

Read the post here.