Triple Blast


I’ve always thought that birthdays are special. That’s why I have always tried to do something on my beloved ones’ birthdays. It’s funny to figure out that it doesn’t work that way with other people. My boyfriend, for instance, he thinks birthdays are not special, yet he had always quoted Nine Inch Nails for this: Everyday Is Exactly The Same.

Intermezzo: Loving this video on Vimeo!

LOVERS ELECTRIC – Could This Be from Jan Reichle on Vimeo.

I’ve lost count on how many people did say happy birthday to me. Got 65 texts, a good amount for a new phone no. There were like 6 or 7 pages of wall posts, I didn’t even have the time to reply those one by one. But I am really thankful. Facebook really helps you, it reminds you about your friend’s (or maybe idol’s) birthday. A few people called.

Last Sunday I asked Panji, my boyfriend, to cook something for me on my birthday, or anything, he can steal ingredients from my kitchen! He didn’t want to. He said that he wanted to see how would I react if I don’t get what I want, because I usually get the things I want.

When I woke up, he didn’t call, he didn’t text me. Until around 10 AM, he hadn’t say anything to me though we go to the same school! I was like, “Now this is way too extreme for me, but I have to get used to it.” So I went to the canteen on my own, ordered some F&B, sat somewhere.

He appeared with a food container, saying “Happy birthday!”. He cooked Tiramisu for me! I blushed. People around me were like, “Aww, so sweet, happy birthday anyway!” I was speechless. It’s a bit hard to surprise me, my friend had always failed to do that to me, but last Monday morning was so surprising, really! I didn’t even want to share the cake. My friend did steal to poke the cake, they were like, “Gosh this is delicious, can I have some?”. I replied, “NO WAY IT’S MINE!” :D




My schoolmates also bought a cake for me, so did British Council staffs :) It felt wonderful to see that people do care about you and do want you too feel happy on a special day. Too bad Mum was busy working, so I didn’t get the chance to see her on my birthday. :(

Thank you everyone!

Turning 18


Yes, tomorrow, I will be 18 years young. I used the term “young” because my bestfriend, Chiara Palieri, has always used that word to tell everybody her age, and she is 18

I had birthday wishes last year. All of them were items, things that requires money to be had. My birthday wishes, last year:

  1. R2-D2 Interactive Droid (I know, it’s too expensive)
  2. R2-D2 stuff (I got Darth Maul action figure instead)
  3. PDA (now I have Nokia E63 though I’ve just bought it a couple of weeks ago instead of last year)
  4. Apple iPod (still doesn’t have it!)
  5. DSLR Camera (same like #4)
  6. A set of painting tools (ex-bf gave me this)
  7. Anyer or any beach! (err, I went to Bali though on July)
  8. A WOO HOO BIRTHDAY BASH! (got a surprise from friends by noon, had a small dinner with family by night, not bad)

I am now trying to change, to become a better person, to be happier. I now want to give and do things instead of wanting things. These are my dreams, for my 18:


Anyway, here are the video that I am watching right now:

My friend, call him Keyser Sozé, recommended it for me. Check out his so-called “private digital bath” here.

Ocean and Sea


is a song from L’Alphalpha, a four-piece band full of my buddies. You can listen to it here. But, I’m not going to talk about music, though.

Bali, Juli 2008. I went snorkeling!

Bali, Juli 2008. I went snorkeling!

A few days before I traveled to the UK, I arranged a meeting with Tante Rini Sucahyo, from Conservation International Indonesia. I first met her in a meeting in USAID’s office. Fitrian Ardiansyah, WWF Indonesia’s program director of climate change, invited me to come along with him to join the meeting. I wasn’t aware that she’s actually my friend’s mum because she seemed so young! She’s the mother of the loveliest experimental photographer I ever befriended with, Cassandra Niki (nicknamed Casseybunn :D).

We talked much about marine conservation, well that’s her main concern in environmental issues. That’s what I am going to share with you through this entry.

Images are courtesy of © Jez O’hare. Check his amazing works here.

I mean, did you know that coral reefs are animals instead of an underwater plant? And, did you know that Indonesia has the biggest marine biodiversity in the world? I didn’t.

There are three things that support the underwater life:

  1. Mangrove (hutan bakau)
  2. Seagrass bed (padang lamun)
  3. Coral reef (terumbu karang)

Mangrove and seagrass bed are often called “the nursery”. This is where baby fishes and turtles grow up until they can swim to the deeper part of the ocean. Most of Indonesian people only knew about mangrove and coral reef without knowing about seagrass bed, which is also very important. Without seagrass bed, baby fishes and turtles often gotten caught by predators before they can reach their home :(

Besides, turtles are also the main problem in Indonesia. It is still used as a part in religious rituals (especially in Bali island) and being consumed as food. It’s very ironic, because turtles are labeled using the term “endangered species” and so vulnerable. They need 5 years to grow up… well, if they are not eaten by the humans yet.

Conservation International has been doing a lot of things to conserve marine life in Indonesia. That includes workshop and education, mangrove reforestation (around Bali, Muara Karang and Flores), games for kids and clean up the sea with college students (especially IPB, they have diving clubs).

These are some facts to trigger your awareness:

  • 1356 species of reef fishes are found in Bird’s Head Seascape
  • 1223 species of reef fishes are found in Raja Ampat
  • There are 15 species of reef fishes that are only found in Bird’s Head Seascape
  • 600 species of coral reefs are found in Bird’s Head Seascape
  • 75% of all species of coral reefs in the world are found in Bird’s Head Seascape. It is 10 times of the coral reefs species found around The Caribbean Islands!
  • On the 4.500 species of reef fishes existing in the oceans worldwide, around 3.500 of them have been identified in Indonesia!

So, have you planned to do something? A snorkeling day, maybe? Or Google about seagrass bed? Well, you choose. Let me know what you think!

Wynford Way


Most of you have probably heard that I went to the UK. Not to meet Thom Yorke (although I’d be smiling like Joker all the time if I had the chance to bump into him around Trafalgar Square), I attended the Global Changemakers Guildford Forum 2009 instead. I might say that I was so lucky to get that opportunity. I’d like to thank my mum and dad, my family & friends, The British Council UK and Indonesia–especially Mr Fajar Anugerah who took a good care of me during my stay in London & Manchester, Astrid Wulandari (who let me know about this event), The Gibbons, The Pettits, The Nugrohos (who let me slept over at their place). It was a lifechanging experience.

I was there for two weeks. So how was London? It was real cold. Around 1 to 7 Celcius degrees. It was killing me on the first days, but it got better.

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A New Home


Dear my blog readers,

Welcome to my new home. This website is still “underconstruction”, but you can read my older posts here. I think my thoughts need a new, warmer home. Don’t hesitate to leave a hello, I will kindly reply it anytime.

Will update this blog as soon as I can, perhaps this weekend. Of course I’ll write something. I still owe you some stories and pictures from the UK, and I will definitely write my birthday wishes, because it’s coming: I’ll be 18 this month!

Well, see you, cool people. xoxo!



Yes, I am back.


and I met my idol.

Stories soon. I need to catch up with school stuff first.

I love you, guys. :)