Dreams of a new book


When I was 13 years old, I wrote a “Life List” — a list containing my dreams and the things I would have to achieve before I die. In that list, I wrote that by the time I graduate from high school, I must have published four or five books. The list was written in 2004; and when I graduated in 2009, I realized that I haven’t written any book while I was studying in high school.

That “Life List” was long gone. I forgot where did I put it, but a few months ago, I found that piece of handwritten list. Suddenly, I was reminded of all of the dreams I have forgotten. Some of the dreams have been accomplished, while the rest haven’t. As I grow older now, though, I have rediscovered myself, and invented a lot of new dreams. The things I want to do before I die. Including, writing a nonfiction book.

In the past one year I have been struggling to finish a new book in between school and my activities outside school. In between everything that I had to juggle. I am delighted to share that those days are finally over — I have finished writing my first nonfiction book.

In that book, I would be sharing about my dreams, my friends’ dreams, and my role models’ dreams. I wrote about all the people that have inspired me, including, probably you! The book is now being “examined” by my editor, and hopefully will come to see you not so long from now. Wish us luck!

However, is there any particular thing you would like me to share in that book? I might be able to squeeze a page or two before it’s printed. :D

Watch this space out for updates on the book, as well as my Facebook page. I’ll be having exciting news coming up!

Lovely Alodita


In a sunny afternoon in September, I ‘crashed’ to Andra Alodita‘s house and had a looong chitchat with her! I don’t know much about photography, but I’ve been adoring her, apparently since I was still in high school (by that time, I did not know her name but I love her works).

After I talked to her, I fell in love with her personality too. I think she is such an inspiration, and might be yours too. She agreed to take pictures of me and we did it all in her room and backyard. It was such a lovely afternoon.

Feel the love and inspiration from this amazing woman, Andra Alodita, right from her online ‘home’.

All photos by Andra Alodita. Make up & hair do by Marlene Hariman & her assistant.

Dress: Primark’s Atmosphere. Present from my big brother. ?

Top: Andra Alodita’s
PS: It’s IYC trophy over there. All speakers had the privilege to own one of those.

Dress: p.a.n.g. A gift from p.a.n.g’s founder, Inda Pangemanan.
Accessories: Andra Alodita’s 
Go to www.panglook.com to get your dress too!

Through photography, I would like to convey that “ordinary” things can be beautiful if we love them, and especially, if we appreciate them. The leaves, our hands, anything in this world — especially the ones that are God’s creatures, have emotions. I would like to express that small things around us are mesmerizing if we are willing to see and to feel more than we usually do.” – Andra Alodita

On October 7, she has just celebrated her birthday. Happy birthday. I wish all your dreams come true, and I wish you would have a long chance to spread courage to others, as well as positivity, and creativity, too.

Thank you for reminding me to fall in love again. Not only with a particular person, but also with what I do, with what I have, with everything that surrounds me, and with God, Andra Alodita.

One Young World! :)


Last month, I had the privilege to be one of the 17 delegates from Indonesia who could go to One Young World Summit 2011 in Zurich, Switzerland. I was sponsored by EuroRSCG Indonesia.

During the event, I met heaps of inspiring young (and a bit older) people. Counsellors, speakers, and delegates were gave so much knowledge and experience in only 3 days. One of the counsellors that caught my attention was Wael Ghonim, a ‘cyber’ activist that mobilized Egyptian youth during the January 25 revolution.

Wael Ghonim mobilized Egyptian youth through Facebook, under the page name: “We are all Khaled Said”, to campaign against police brutality. He was captured by the police for 12 days, but then freed, and was chosen by Egyptian youth to represent them.

You can read his profiles on TIME and BBC.

Aside from Wael Ghonim, there were many more inspiring people attending the event, including the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway, Jamie Oliver, Muhammad Yunus, and plenty others. Our own Sherina Munaf even performed a song she wrote especially for OYW, Sing Your Mind, and received a standing ovation at the closing ceremony.

I’m so sorry for the short post — but will let you know more about it soon! ‘Til my next post! Happy Sunday :-)