DreamCatcher: Sebuah Impian

Saya pertama kali “berkenalan” dengan benda yang bernama dreamcatcher ketika saya mengikuti program Study of the U.S. Institute di Missoula, Montana. Ada banyak suku Indian yang tinggal di Montana dan saya diberikan kesempatan untuk mempelajari budayanya dengan mengunjungi pusat budaya serta festival pow wow di salah satu daerah di Montana. Secara tradisional, kaum Sioux menggunakan dreamcatcher untuk menjaga anak-anak kecil dari mimpi buruk dengan menggantungkannya di dekat tempat mereka tertidur. (Untuk yang menonton film Twilight, kalau tidak salah, Jacob memberikan Bella sebuah dreamcatcher)

Namun, bagi saya, dreamcatcher memiliki sebuah arti baru. Kata yang sama akan menjadi judul dari buku non-fiksi pertama saya yang rencananya akan dirilis pada bulan Februari mendatang. Sejauh ini, buku DreamCatcher adalah buku favorit saya, karena akan penuh dengan ilustrasi dan halaman-halaman di mana pembaca bisa menuliskan impian-impian mereka. Alhamdulillah, ada satu impian lagi di dalam hidup saya yang akan menjadi kenyataan. :-)

Sebagai ucapan terima kasih atas dukungan teman-teman selama ini, saya mengajak teman-teman untuk menuliskan quote mengenai impian yang teman-teman ciptakan sendiri. Sebagian dari quote yang saya terima akan dicantumkan di buku tersebut. Caranya mudah, teman-teman bisa mention ke akun @AlandaKariza di Twitter dengan menyertakan tagar #DreamCatcher, berisi quote yang telah dibuat. Saya dan editor buku DreamCatcher akan memilih sejumlah quote yang paling inspiratif untuk dimuat. Quote paling lambat di-“kirim”-kan hari ini, 27 Januari 2012, pukul 24:00 WIB.

Bagi teman-teman yang belum sempat berpartisipasi, jangan khawatir. Setelah ini masih ada kuis untuk mendapatkan buku DreamCatcher di halaman Facebook saya di bulan February mendatang. Tunggu informasi selanjutnya ya!


Journey with Bold

Last December, I was given the chance to travel to Lombok and the Gili Islands for a few days by BlackBerry Indonesia. I, Nicholas Saputra, Artasya Sudirman, and Kristupa Saragih visited a few (beautiful) places in the archipelago in the “Journey with Bold” programme. The travelogue will be released hopefully soon (so, stay tuned). As for now, do enjoy some snapshots I took with my phone and my friend’s camera. For more photos, you can go to this site and witness the journey. You can also watch the “teaser” here.


Perang Topat – An annual event in Lombok to celebrate diversity
Tanjung Aan, Kuta, Lombok
Being taught how to make gerabah handcrafts by local craftswomen
View from my room in our private villa
Dining at Square, Senggigi
Sunny days, orange and pineapple juice

As we grow older

In the past weeks, I have been dealing with somewhat tough days. I am aware they might not be as tough as yours, but well, I must say I had been having a hard time to undergo my days. By any means, I believe I am currently amid the adjusting phase in life. I am adjusting and adapting to a new environment with new activities, surrounded by new people. No one can deny the fact that dealing with change is usually difficult, but it is necessary. Nonetheless, I dare say that anyone should be able to get through such thing, including me.

We technically spend each second in our lives growing older. Although most of us do not realize so, growing older is inevitable and it keeps happening, including in my life. I think God has been finding ways to teach me plenty of lessons for me to be a stronger individual. Because change, breakdowns, disappointments, are inescapable but also indispensable. That way, the best way to confront them would be to take the embedded lessons. After all, problems are just vessels carrying lessons we should absorb and learn from.


And to this moment, I have learned that:

In life, we can’t trust anyone, but we sure can believe in some, and have faith in all.

Most people are not like how they seem on the surface. People who are socially awkward or always challenge our ideas might be the truest friends we could have in our lives. On the other hand, people who keep calling us “dear” or “babe” might just say them as a lip-service, and probably say them to every single person they meet.

Some people are plastic. You know. And will forever be plastic. Nothing more.

We need to live a balanced life. It probably should be a “work hard, play hard” for us young people.

Although we could always draft resolutions and set goals for the future, the present is also important thing to be thought about and, of course, enjoyed.

It is always better to have few true friends than tons of fake ones.

One day, our best friend’s life might be hanging on a thread… On that moment, we just have to be with and for them, however difficult it might be or seem.

When somebody talks about us behind our back, it means we are significant to them, if not important.

I am sure of the fact that as we grow older, for every second in our lives, we are going to learn new things. These things are going to help us sail through the sweetness and bitterness of life. The challenges we face everyday. The feelings we would like to manifest. The dreams we would like to turn into plans and then history. Amidst of them all, some people are just going to step in and try to ruin everything, but we just have to keep on going. For this is our life and our journey. For everyone else is going to come and go; but the bests are going to definitely stay for as long as they could. For this life is meant to be wholly enjoyed.