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I’m a 20-something writer, born and raised in Indonesia’s metropolis: Jakarta. Phlegmatic INFJ, with a brink of melancholy. A fan of the good old cereal and white milk combo, but will live even if I can only eat Indonesian food for the rest of my life (this applies to only eating Japanese food too). A pale-skinned beach girl, dating someone who hates the heat of summer. Think visually, which hopefully justifies my soft spot for great pens and paper. I travel a lot, mostly for work, but I usually make the most out of those trips. My clothing colours are limited to grey, beige, black, white, and navy blue. I prefer swimming and yoga to running. I swear by Evernote and Scrivener, and listen to Ash and Tahiti 80. A hopeless romantic, just in case it is not obvious.