I was born in Jakarta in 1991, and spent most of my life in that metropolis, where I pursued an undergraduate degree in Economics. I have worked as a brand management professional in a couple of consumer goods company, before I left to Hamburg to complete a fellowship programme in social entrepreneurship. I founded and am working in a youth-run social enterprise called Sinergi Muda, which is known for its IndonesianYouth initiative.

I have always done – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot of – writing. I have published 9 books, and written for publications like the UN Chronicle, KOMPAS, Jakarta Globe, and The Jakarta Post. I am a professional public speaker.

After spending some time living in Hamburg and Melbourne, I am currently based in Coventry, England, to pursue my postgraduate degree in Behavioural Economics.

Selected Works

Are Twittering Youths Agents of Positive Change? — UN Chronicle (Vol. XLVII, Jan. 2011)
Stand Up Comedy: A Trip to the Life of Indonesia’s Middle Class — Jakarta Globe
An Open Letter to the Teacher Who Changed My World — Jakarta Globe
How About A Cup of Digital Detox? — Jakarta Globe
11 Little Notes of Life — ThoughtCatalog
Young, Disruptive Still Voiceless at Davos — The Jakarta Post (Feb. 10, 2016)

Selected Talks

High Level Panels on Youth: Global Youth, Leading Change, 100th Session of the International Labour Conference, Palais des Nations, Geneva (June 2011)

Culture and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016, Davos-Klosters (January 2016)


I am @alandakariza on Twitter, Instagram, and LINE.
Check out my SpeakerHub profile for speaking engagements.
Otherwise, reach me to info at alandakariza dot com.