It took me 15 months to have my fifth book, DreamCatcher, ready to be published since my publisher and I gave birth to the idea. No matter how much love I have for writing, the love was never enough of a trigger to enable me to write every single day and finish my works sooner. A book, for me, is always my “baby”; and to write a good book, I thought, should let me take my time.

Therefore, to embark on a writing project, in which I would have to write something related to it on every other day, was an ambitious goal to fulfill. Yet I, unreasonably, still went for it.

Have you ever read #28hari? “28 Hari untuk Selamanya” was a writing project of @beradadisini and @ndorokakung, two Twitter personalities, in February 2010. Each day, both of them write something and later on the stories were tailored into one complete piece. The project inspired me so much and influenced in bearing the concept of “Beats Apart”.

I had always wanted to have a writing project with another person. I spent plenty of time observing other people’s writings, trying to find “the perfect match” for this particular project. I finally had my thoughts fallen on Kevin Aditya, a good friend of mine, who blogs in English (and whose writings I had been favouring so much). I later talked to him, said yes, and encouraged us to start writing immediately. The rest was history.

“Beats Apart” was born as our writing project,  in which each of us writes a story on every other day. I possess the role of “F”, the female character; while Kevin directs “M”, her counterpart. As Kevin described it, “Beats Apart” is “A fiction of two people going through the pains of loving, told over a course of one month.” The project started on 8 May 2012 and ended on 8 June 2012, published daily on beatsapart.tumblr.com.

During the creative process, Kevin and I did not really discuss about who would write what, and how the other person should respond to it. Kevin’s writings usually come to me as a surprise. I think that’s why the project felt so dynamic in our eyes yet we found it very difficult to realise the project was coming to an end.

Now “Beats Apart” has reached its finale, there is something got me learning from the project. Although it took me quite some time to write a book, apparently I was still able to write something spontaneously without constantly editing it over and over again, and that it was possible to write as frequent as writing one post in every two days.

It was for the love.

“Beats Apart” is not a commercial project, and Kevin and I did not feel like we had to satisfy what people would like to read, or thought about how people would respond to it. We only did what we loved doing, and apparently we still got great responses from the readers. Thanks to “Beats Apart”, I fell in love to writing once again.

Thank you, everyone, who has read “Beats Apart”, responded, wrote about it, reviewed it, waited for it, and even considered it as a bedtime story. And, most of all, thank you, Kevin, for being such an amazing, inspiring partner in the project.

I really can’t wait to have another writing project like this.

(P.S.: Do you think #BeatsApart should be an e-book (available for free download) or a printed book (available for sale)? Let Kevin and I know. Who knows, we might be able to make it happen!)

8 thoughts on “#BeatsApart

  1. Lagi berusaha selesain semua chapter, but I guess this is a good one (:
    Menurut aku gak dijadiin printed book gapapa sih, gak tau juga kenapa alasannya tp kayaknya gak aja haha :P send Kevin hi from me, tell him he is genius writer!
    Stay awesome, Nda!

  2. Saffanah Zahra

    Kak Alanda, I just finished reading Dream Catcher, then I thought I paid a visit to your website, and I finally read BeatsApart. I love it very much. It’s as if you both experienced the stories. It should be made into a movie, i think, since it is so special! :D

  3. I have finished reading #DreamCatcher some days ago, it really is a good book, really good..
    that is inspiring and giving me so much more motivation..
    I am still doing to try to reach my dream to get a chance studying abroad, Canada.. my dream land is outta there :D

  4. Wulan

    I had just bought the book yesterday. The cover of Beats Apart simply stole my eyes immediately. In a second I read the sum on the back cover and i just knew that i should finish it. So i grab the book,pay,and went back home.
    I didnt spend much time to postpone reading it. The way you were telling your feelings and what have had been in M (and F) minds is surprisingly make me thing that it is not only me having this kind of thought all of these times!
    So here i am now,finished with the pages,and start googling on your name and who you are as i have never heard about before. Good work Alanda! Very nice one. U coloured my weekend :-)

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