Pampering Myself at SAMPAR

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A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by SAMPAR to try their facial treatment in their flagship store in Kota Kasablanka. SAMPAR is a skin care product from Paris, which is specifically formulated for women living in urban areas. I was hesitant at first. I definitely am not a fan of facial treatments because most of them usually hurt, but then the Therapist advised that SAMPAR’s kind of facial treatment would not hurt at all. So I gave it a try!

I have a quite acne prone skin, especially when my face is not thoroughly cleansed or when I am having a PMS. I was recommended to try the Pure Perfection facial treatment, which usually treats acne prone skin well. Other than this treatment, SAMPAR also provides treatment for ageing skin and normal skin.

3SAMPAR outlet in Kota Kasablanka

11Facial treatment area

During the treatment, SAMPAR products were applied to my face, from the cleansing products to moisturising products.  It felt awesome because not only my face was treated, but also my neck and feet which got massaged by the Therapist. It was truly such a relaxing experience. What a great way to sum my day up after a long day at work.

SAMPAR’s facial treatment lasts for around 45 to 60 minutes, with costs ranging around from IDR 350,000 to IDR 450,000 based on the type of facial treatment you are referring to. For more information, go to their Instagram @sampar_ind and they will be happy to answer your questions about the treatments and products!

Our First Duet Trip to Singapore

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Saya dan adik saya yang berusia 9 tahun, Fara, baru saja diundang untuk mengunjungi Hospital Land dan mengikuti kegiatan Doctor-for-a-Day di Mount Elizabeth Hospital Novena, Singapura. Ketika menerima undangan tersebut, tentu saja saya segera mengiyakan ajakan ini, mengingat saya belum pernah berkesempatan untuk mengajak adik saya jalan-jalan.

Di hari Minggu pagi, tepatnya tanggal 28 September, kami pun berkunjung ke Mount Elizabeth bersama sejumlah perwakilan media asal Indonesia. Sesampainya di sana, ruangan lobi rumah sakit sudah disulap menjadi Hospital Land, di mana anak-anak berusia 4 sampai 10 tahun bisa belajar tentang berbagai profesi yang mendukung kegiatan di rumah sakit. Ada permainan A-B-SEE di mana anak-anak bisa menjadi optometrist, Build A Body di mana peserta bisa belajar soal anatomi tubuh, section untuk menjadi pharmacist, maupun belajar soal radiologi. Permainan-permainan ini dilengkapi dengan alat-alat yang child-friendly dan penuh warna – seperti yang biasa kita lihat di KidZania (bahkan mungkin lebih seru, karena diselenggarakannya di rumah sakit betulan). Fara dan teman-teman seusianya pun begitu bersemangat untuk tahu lebih banyak soal profesi-profesi yang berhubungan soal medis.

DSC01182 copy

Setelah selesai “berkelana” di Hospital Land, kami pun diajak ke lantai dua di mana para peserta bisa mengikuti kegiatan Doctor-for-a-Day. Sebagai pengantar, saya hanya diperbolehkan untuk mengobservasi dari luar, tetapi para peserta bahkan diminta untuk mengenakan scrubs yang biasa dipakai para dokter ketika hendak mengoperasi pasien. Di kegiatan ini, Fara belajar banyak hal soal menjadi dokter, mulai dari bagaimana caranya menggendong bayi di nursing room, sampai mengobati luka bakar bagi orang yang habis menjadi korban kebakaran di emergency room (bayi dan korbannya sih tentunya bohong-bohongan, ya).

Seru banget, deh, pokoknya! Kebetulan, Fara memang bercita-cita untuk menjadi dokter — walaupun sejauh ini keinginannya memang menjadi dokter hewan. Ia jadi tambah semangat, apalagi setelah sepulang dari acaranya, semua peserta dibekali dengan sertifikat dan berbagai badge yang menunjukkan bahwa mereka telah lulus menjadi “dokter” di Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Sekembalinya ke Jakarta, Fara pun bisa “mengalami ulang” perjalannya di Singapura dengan memainkan aplikasi Doctor-for-a-Day yang dirilis oleh Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Konon kabarnya, versi Bahasa Indonesia-nya akan diluncurkan akhir tahun ini.

It’s been a one-of-a-kind trip with my youngest sister! How about you? Pernah jalan-jalan ke mana dengan kakak atau adik kamu?

Summer Holiday: NIVEA Sun Land!

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What do you think of whenever you hear the phrase “summer holiday”? In my case, all I can think of would be: sun, friends, swimming, and – of course – the beach! Unfortunately, I have other things to do this summer. I am currently completing my internship commitment (of which I would share in details in my next posts), which makes my summer slightly different from what I can imagine.

For my ultimate summer holiday, it’s imperative for me to put sunscreen on! Sometimes, I don’t even bring my swimsuits, but I always bring my sunscreen with me whenever I spend my days outdoors (especially around the pool, beach, and anytime under the sun!). Here are a number of tips from this website about applying sunscreens:

  1. Reapply sunscreen in every two hours! This is something I did not know before. No wonder I got sunburn in Belitung – I did not reapply my sunscreen as often. The sunburn really hurt my skin – it’s far from some sexy tan! Good thing my traveling mate brought some after sun gel with aloe vera that soothed my skin directly.
  2. Sunscreen should be applied 1.5 hours before going out to the sun. Most people only apply sunscreen right before they spend their time outdoors. Apparently, if we put sunscreen earlier, it gives time for our skin to absorb the sunscreen and its ingredients.
  3. Makeup and moisturizers with sunscreens are never enough. We still need to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen if we are going under the sun for hours.

When we talk about under-the-sun skin treatments, we can never miss NIVEA. I remember how I used to apply NIVEA creams whenever I wanted to swim under the sun. I’ve been following @NIVEA_ID’s timeline and been envious about the NIVEA Sun Land event going on in Kuta Beach as we speak.

Anyone can come visit NIVEA Sun Land at Kuta Beach this weekend for free. There are several activities that would make us all yearn to be there and enjoy the ultimate summer holiday. There are longchairs that could be used by visitors for free, bouncy castle for kids, have massage in Massage Land (with a purchase of NIVEA Sun products), photo booth, volleyball arena, and cool lounge. There are also band and DJ performances. Moreover, visitors can win a BlackBerry Apollo by tweeting pictures of #NIVEASunLand and win MAP gift vouchers from on-the spot quizzes.

From the event reports also, I was curious to know more about NIVEA’s line of NIVEA Sun products. NIVEA Sun is the number 1 suncare brand worldwide.

Apparently, there are far more negative effects of sun rays other than getting burnt. The scariest one would of course be skin cancer and wrinkles, but in the short term, our skin might get really dull and dry. NIVEA Sun has a wide range of products that would help us protect our skin from the negative effects of sun rays. It includes Body Sun Protection with a variety of SPF amount. NIVEA Sun has those with SPF 20, 30, and 50. They also have Face Sun protection products, which are face creams with SPF 50. Moreover, NIVEA also has NIVEA Sun Moisturising After Sun Lotion (which I would really need if I ever get sunburn again).

I really can’t wait to have my (delayed version of) summer holiday! Perhaps this September. Can’t wait to get my hands on on the new range of NIVEA Sun too!

P.S.: NIVEA Sun Land at Kuta Beach is still on until tomorrow. Anyone of you is coming? :) 

Journey with Bold

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Last December, I was given the chance to travel to Lombok and the Gili Islands for a few days by BlackBerry Indonesia. I, Nicholas Saputra, Artasya Sudirman, and Kristupa Saragih visited a few (beautiful) places in the archipelago in the “Journey with Bold” programme. The travelogue will be released hopefully soon (so, stay tuned). As for now, do enjoy some snapshots I took with my phone and my friend’s camera. For more photos, you can go to this site and witness the journey. You can also watch the “teaser” here.


Perang Topat – An annual event in Lombok to celebrate diversity
Tanjung Aan, Kuta, Lombok
Being taught how to make gerabah handcrafts by local craftswomen
View from my room in our private villa
Dining at Square, Senggigi
Sunny days, orange and pineapple juice