Beats Apart is available in bookstores



Three years after being first published as a free-to-read digital writing project, Beats Apart finally found a publisher home. Kevin and I are happy to let you know that starting today, you can find the printed version of Beats Apart in both brick-and-mortar and online bookstores located all around Indonesia.

Some online bookstores that sell it are:

For those who are based outside Indonesia, kindly let us know here and we will try our best to ship a copy to you.

Here is its Goodreads page.

BOOK LAUNCH: Travel Young at TOMS Grand Indonesia



At the end of last year, I did not only got engaged but also got the chance to launch my (long-awaited) new book, Travel YoungThe book was officially launched on 21 December 2015 in TOMS, Central Department Store, Grand Indonesia. TOMS is definitely one of my favourite brands in the world, thanks to its awesome concept that when you buy a pair of shoes, you are also giving another pair to someone in need. They were going to open their first store in Indonesia, and I was flattered that they wanted me to launch my book to “open” their store!

The book launch was a rather intimate one due to the limited space, but I was really happy because a lot of media friends came, a couple of close friends, and my partner were there to give their utmost support. :)

Travel Young is basically a travel memoir that documents my journey to a number of destinations, mainly outside Indonesia, to attend conferences or speak on behalf of young Indonesians in international forums. I shared my journey to those places, as well as my journey on growing up and embracing adulthood — a process I had never thought could be documented in writing.

Have you read Travel Young? If so, kindly let me know what you think! And if you haven’t, go grab it at the nearest book stores (including online).

Photos taken by my partner. 

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Anugerah Pembaca Indonesia 2012



Berkat dukungan kalian, buku DreamCatcher dinominasikan untuk memperoleh Anugerah Pembaca Indonesia (API) 2012 di dua kategori, yakni Non-Fiksi dan Sampul Buku Non-Fiksi (sampul dan buku DreamCatcher secara keseluruhan didesain dan diilustrasi oleh Asyerabella Guempel, karyanya bisa dilihat di blognya). Saat ini, API 2012 masih berada dalam tahap Long List I. Setelah Long List I, masih ada Long List II, Short List, dan akhirnya diumumkan pemenangnya. Untuk bisa melaju ke tahap selanjutnya, saya membutuhkan dukungan teman-teman. Jika teman-teman menyukai buku DreamCatcher dan/atau sampulnya, dan/atau teman-teman berharap DreamCatcher bisa masuk ke tahap selanjutnya di API 2012, tolong beri dukungan dengan vote untuk buku DreamCatcher di kategori Non-Fiksi dan Sampul Buku Non-Fiksi di halaman ini.

Dukungan teman-teman akan sangat, sangat berarti. Batas waktu voting adalah tanggal 2 November 2012. Terima kasih banyak karena telah membaca buku DreamCatcher. Semoga buku ini telah membantumu meraih impianmu.

QUIZ: What’s your passion?


I once asked Ryan what is his passion and how he discovered it within himself. He replied with another question: “What is the activity that will make you feel like dying if you are forbidden to do it for the rest of your life?” To him, it would be drawing and illustrating. Mine would be writing.

I have been very fortunate of being able to pursue my passion and my dreams. Not only through DreamCatcher, but also through other means of activities, such as having other writing projects. You know what would be the biggest presents of being a writer? For me, that would be hearing what people say about your work; hearing their feedbacks, and most of all, knowing that what you wrote has left a mark in their hearts and thoughts. So, to those of you who have read my works and spoken out your mind about them, I would like to say: thank you.

To those of you who have not yet read DreamCatcher, I would be giving away two copies of the book for two winners (one copy for every winner). To win the book, leave a comment with your name, e-mail, and answer to the question “What is your passion?”. You can post as many comments as you like. I am going to choose the winners randomly using on Saturday, 9 June 2012.

(Don’t forget to) live your dreams! x


I have “picked” the winners by using! The winners are commentators #61 and #75, and they are: Wenny Widyastuti & Adinda A. Mahakita! Congratulations!

BOOK LAUNCH: DreamCatcher at TRYST Kemang


On Kartini Day, 21 April 2012, my “baby”, DreamCatcher, was finally officially launched. It was held in Tryst Food & Gallery, Kemang. Here are some photos of the event in case you could not come:


IMG_3692.JPG© Adimas Satyo Adhiguna

Everyone who came got the chance to write or draw their dreams on a piece of paper and post it on the dream board we installed.

Ryan© Satrya Damarjati

It was very kind of Ryan to open the event by performing a stand-up routine for around 15 to 20 minutes. Although he had to leave earlier, it still felt awesome to have him performing at my book launch. Thanks, love! :)

536095_3590519118389_1135691877_33275065_469330871_n.jpg© Satrya Damarjati

IMG_3663.JPG© Adimas Satyo Adhiguna

539941_3590509758155_1135691877_33275061_1764327738_n.jpg© Satrya Damarjati

IMG_3695.JPG© Adimas Satyo Adhiguna

IMG_3749.JPG© Adimas Satyo Adhiguna
There was a short talk show session with Jourdan Hussein, whom I also interviewed in DreamCatcher, and Mbak Alit from GagasMedia,  DreamCatcher’s publisher. Thank you, Joey & Mbak Alit! Most of all, thank you Fay Faza for moderating the session.

IMG_3831.JPG© Adimas Satyo Adhiguna

IMG_3840.JPG© Adimas Satyo Adhiguna

After the talk show, all of a sudden, my friend Archie Wirija came up to the stage to sing a song that was very much related to DreamCatcher, called Cita-cita. It was a song he wrote and was going to be performed in his recital, ARCHIE. His recital has successfully been held a couple of weeks later, on 8 May 2012, and when he was about to perform Cita-cita in the recital, he gave three free DreamCatcher books to his audience. Thank you, Archie, for performing such an inspiring song!

IMG 3914© Adimas Satyo Adhiguna

Fajar – one of the most important people who have helped me make through the ways to realize some of my dreams. :)

558477_3590608120614_1135691877_33275211_307933560_n.jpg533978_3590599120389_1135691877_33275198_596253419_n.jpg© Adimas Satyo Adhiguna

Indonesian Youth Conference family! :’) Thank you so much for coming! Thank you for making our dreams come true every year!


Another day, another dream came true. Special thanks to GagasMedia team and my partner Satyo, who have worked with me to make the event happened. Moreover, thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the event: Ryan Adriandhy, Faza Fairuza (Fay), Jourdan Hussein, Alit Palupi, and Archie Wirija. Thanks everyone who spared some time to come to the event! It means a lot to me and I hope this book will have a lot of benefits in your lives.

DreamCatcher is already available in bookstores throughout Indonesia. It can usually be found in these shelves: Buku Baru, Rekomendasi, Buku Laris, or Psikologi/Pengembangan Diri. If you cannot find it, don’t hesitate to ask the shopkeepers / book store staffs. You can also buy my book online. The list has been compiled here. To those who already have the book, enjoy the book! Happy reading!

Live your dreams!

DreamCatcher is now available in bookstores


No, I was not talking about a rocket. I was talking about my book. ;) A few days ago on Hari Kartini, the launch of DreamCatcher was held. It was totally awesome. Not because of the event itself but the people who came and be a part of it was truly amazing! My boyfriend did a short stand-up comedy performance, I presented a bit about the book in TED-style, and then we had a talk show with Jourdan (whom I interviewed in the book) and Mbak Alit from GagasMedia. Thank you everyone for coming! Photos are still at my Representative but there are a few Instagram snaps that I could spot… :)







Get a copy if you haven’t! Available in bookstores already. :D