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To sum 2014 in one word, I would choose the word commitments. A word that to some people might sound scary, but could be exciting for the rest. For me, it was not a walk in the park, but it made me learn many things about growing up and adulthood.

The beginning of the year was marked by the establishment of a home business with my best friends, Amame Ice Cream Therapy. It was not a smooth year for us, I can guarantee, but all of us got to learn so many things in the span of 12 months  (especially about making ice creams :D).

At work, I began the year by being assigned into a role that I very much was very interested in. Today, a year later, I am still in the same role, being grateful that I have rolled out brand activations that brought exciting results.

In terms of love life, 2014 gave us a roller coaster ride. It was a rather stable journey for me career-wise, but for my partner, it was the year for him to chase his dreams. It turned out that chasing dreams could come in a package full not only of passion, but also meltdowns and heartbreaks. (By the end of the year, he finally got to achieve his dream, though).

Little that I know that one week after my book Travel Young was launched, he was going to propose.

It was a Saturday, December 27. Because our relationship anniversary falls on the 27th of April, on the date of 27 every month, we always spare our time to hang out, may it be to go to the movies, enjoy some street food, or go DVD-shopping. That day, we went to get our hair cut, then he took me to my favourite restaurant in Darmawangsa.

We talked about so many things over dinner. When our plates were finished, he held my hand, gave a “review” about our relationship in the past one and a half year… The things he liked, and the things he hope us would never have to go through again. At the end of his, sort of speech, he suddenly popped the question.

I was surprised because I had not guessed it would have happened this fast, especially knowing the fact that one week later he was going to fly to Melbourne to pursue his Masters degree for two years. But there he was, asking me if I want to marry him or not, having prepared everything for us to have an engagement ceremony before he leaves.

And, predictably, I said yes. :)

We drove home afterwards and he brought himself to meet my parents and ask them about his intention on asking my hand in marriage, as well as his family’s plan to come on the following Tuesday to formally propose to my family. I was not sure if it would be possible for us to organise an engagement ceremony in such a short notice, nor my parents! However, that did not stop us from pursuing the plan.

Upon hearing the news, my extended family and friends were very surprised, but at the same time excited, knowing that my partner has proposed.  They were really keen on helping out.

DSCF7641 copy

We made it happen.

Our engagement ceremony was held on Tuesday, 30 December, quite modestly. My aunts lent me their kebaya (which magically fits), kain, and accessories. I went to a salon in my neighbourhood to do my hair, and my best friend put my make up on. Because it was going to be an intimate reception, no catering vendor agreed to serve the food of my choice for only 50 pax. So we ordered Soto Kudus Kauman for dinner, and the guests loved it!

It was nothing like what you see on wedding websites – or perhaps Pinterest! – but for me it still felt really special, which made myself sure that the commitment my partner and I made mattered much more than any kind of ceremony.

DSCF7675 copy DSCF7678 copy

I’m grateful that we could make it happen this far, and I’m very excited about what’s coming our way, for me and Adit. Wish us luck.

I hope all of us would have a wonderful 2015! :)


11 thoughts on “Engagement of #AditAlanda

  1. Aulia

    Time flies so fast ya Kak. First I knew you (and got a chance to talked to you in AYC 2011), I was a high-schooler. Now here I am, facing the last year of my college life and you’ve just had your engagement. So happy to see you smile bright, after all the ups and downs in the previous years. We pray you for a happy, blessed life ahead Kak!

    Salam :)

  2. One word; whoa.

    I’ve been following you since I was in elementary school. The first time I read your writings was your novel Mint Chocolate Chip. It is quite amazing to see your journey and how aspiring you are.

    Now you’re getting engaged and I couldn’t be happier. Even though the celebration was small, but it was intimate and I would say, it feels more comfortable because you get to have conversations with your closest family and friends.

    Hopefully your life in future will be brighter ya Kak :)

    Much love,

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