Favourite Ice Creams from 4 Continents


Who does not love ice cream? Wherever I go, I always try to make a stop at as many ice cream joints as possible.  Here are a list of my favourite ice cream joints in 4 continents: America, Australia, Europe, and – of course – Asia!

Here are my choices of favourite ice creams from 4 continents!

Big Dipper

I spent a summer in Missoula of the “big sky country” Montana, United States, in 2010. Big Dipper is its most famous ice cream place. Not only it has an outlet near our place (we stayed in the dorm of the University of Montana), Big Dipper also has a number of ice cream trucks going around the city whenever something is happening (such as the outdoor cinema). Recommended flavours: white mint Oreo, huckleberry, and Mexican chocolate. Price: single cup/cone is $3.15.

Big Dipper Ice Cream
631 S. Higgins, Missoula MT 59801
(also available in Helena and Billings, MT, U.S.A.)


Fennochio is an ice cream place owned by an Italian family in Nice, France. It was established in 1966 at Place Rosetti, the center of Nice’s Old Town, where it still sits at the moment. Fennochio offers 59 ice creams and 35 sorbets in total. Recommended flavours: nocciolato, speculoos, pina colada.

2 place Rossetti and 6 rue de la Poissonerie — both in Nice’s Old Town.


Jock’s prides itself as “Melbourne’s best ice cream” and I would say, I believe it’s right! Established in 2001, Jock’s has always been a great sight of Albert Park area. The interior looks vintage, so does the flavours (they have something called Obamarama!). A must-go if you ever visit this majestic city. Recommended flavours: hokey pokey and chocolate, mandarin orange. Price: single cup/cone is $4.

83 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park

Anita – La Mamma del Gelato

A friend of mine recommended Anita and I tried the one at Bondi, just a few steps away from the beach. It offers ice cream, sorbet, vegan ice cream, and yogurt. Recommended flavours: watermelon and mint (you must not miss it), and something from the ice cream side (it’s difficult to pick one).

Anita – La Mamma del Gelato
28 Broadway, Chippendale, NSW


I never get bored of traveling to Bali and there are certain places that I always go to whenever I fly there. One of the places would be Gusto Gelato, a modest, small ice cream place strategically located in Seminyak, but quite far from the hustle of the most crowded areas. At its affordable price, I can try two flavours at once, and it tastes just as good as the gelato I find in Rome, Italy. Recommended flavours: lemongrass, mascarpone. Prices: single cup/cone with two flavours for IDR 22,000 (around $1.7).

Gusto Gelateria
Jalan Mertanadi 46B, Seminyak, Bali


Established in 1932, Ragusa is one of the oldest ice cream places (that are still standing tall at this day and age) established in my hometown, Jakarta. Its ice cream is made of milk instead of heavy cream, which makes it distinctive. It’s always nice to spend an afternoon here, sitting in its old building, listening to street buskers, eating satay before/after the ice cream. Always a perfect date. Recommended flavours: spaghetti ice cream. Prices: single cup is IDR 15,000 (around $1), spaghetti ice cream is IDR 35,000 (around $3).

Ragusa Es Italia
Jalan Veteran I no. 10, Jakarta


Amame Ice Cream Therapy at my wedding

Amame Ice Cream Therapy at our wedding.

Favourite ice creams from 4 continents.

Okay, this one’s a bit cheating but I dearly love a certain flavour from the ice cream business I established with my best friends. Our ice cream, Amame Ice Cream Therapy, has this flavour made of marie biscuits and cream. We call it Big Warm Hugs (as the flavour feels like one!). We do not have an ice cream shop but we can cater your events, from birthdays to weddings. Fill in the comment box if you would like to try! Recommended flavours: Big Warm Hugs (marie biscuits & cream) and Joyous Relaxant (dark chocolate & mint). Prices: single cup is IDR 22,000.

Photos via Desination Missoula, Examiner, Fennochio, Little Bali Love,  Mel Hot or Not, and Electreats. Photo of Amame Ice Cream Therapy via its Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Favourite Ice Creams from 4 Continents

  1. hi, kak alanda!
    you should try Zangrandi, too! it’s very famous here in Surabaya and if I’m not mistaken, Zangrandi is still related with Ragusa.

    greetings from Surabaya!

    PS: i’ve been reading your blog since 2012

    • Hi Jennie! Yes! I’ve been to Zangrandi and I love it too. Every time I go to Surabaya, it’s my first stop after a meal of Sate Klathak or Bu Rudy. Thanks for the love of my blog! x

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