DreamCatcher is now available in bookstores

No, I was not talking about a rocket. I was talking about my book. ;) A few days ago on Hari Kartini, the launch of DreamCatcher was held. It was totally awesome. Not because of the event itself but the people who came and be a part of it was truly amazing! My boyfriend did a short stand-up comedy performance, I presented a bit about the book in TED-style, and then we had a talk show with Jourdan (whom I interviewed in the book) and Mbak Alit from GagasMedia. Thank you everyone for coming! Photos are still at my Representative but there are a few Instagram snaps that I could spot… :)







Get a copy if you haven’t! Available in bookstores already. :D

5 thoughts on “DreamCatcher is now available in bookstores

  1. Reggievia says:

    Hooraaay! I wish I was there, I’ve read the launched day in Gagasmedia website, congratulation, Nda you made your another dream comes true!
    I will get this book ASAP by online.
    Take care and stay awesome!

    Warm hugs from me!

  2. myland says:

    Hi Alanda,
    Saya sudah baca buku Alanda.
    Saya orang yang kurang senang baca buku bahkan selama saya hidup belum ada satu buku yang benar-benar saya selesaikan, tapi buku Alanda saya selesaikan tepatnya kemarin!!
    Buku Dream Catcher benar-benar menginspirasi dan itu saya rasakan benar.
    Umur kita terpaut 9 tahun yang mana saya tidak begitu sangat muda lagi but guess what? Saya percaya buku Alanda tidak hanya akan menginspirasi anak muda saja tapi semua kalangan umur.
    Buku-buku dan hal semacam inilah yang sangat dibutuhkan untuk membangkitkan semangat orang-orang yang kurang/tidak punya semangat.
    U’ve started it and the flame will spread everywhere.
    Thanks for the book :)

  3. Ayu Sofianty says:

    Hai Alanda,
    You’re such an inspiring young woman.
    Saya minat minat sekali sama buku dream catchernya.
    Sukses ya untuk semua yang mau kamu capai, dreams have no limitation :)

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