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Interviews are the deal-breakers on whether you will get a job or not. Having an extensive (and suitable) experience encapsulated in a well-written resume earns you a ticket to the interview, but, the real work happens inside the interview room.

There are a number of typical interview questions that are related to the job and/or the company you are applying to, as well as related to who you are as an individual. For example, questions about your strengths and weaknesses, and also future career/study plans. Nevertheless, more often than not, interviewers can get really creative, innovative, and out-of-the-box in throwing interview questions (some of them were done to test our logic, some were to test our mentality).

What are the weirdest interview questions you have ever heard of? Here are a number of interview questions that I had once gotten and still remember.

In a consulting company:

How many packs of Indomie are sold in a year in Indonesia?

My private bus company has been losing profitability in the past 1 year. How should I respond to this situation?

In a technology company:

How would you sell UHT milk? What will your marketing and sales strategy look like? You have 5 minutes to work on the strategy.

The society has replaced “mineral water” with the word “AQUA” (from the brand) as its household name. Do you think it is a bad or a good thing? Why?

In a consumer goods company:

We have a product that is so commercially successful that one month after it was launched, we had zero stock, both in the factory and in the market. If you were its marketing manager, what would you do?

Why do you think we appointed her as our brand ambassador?

In a start-up:

How do you plan to launch our new product?

Next week, I will share the some tips (and tricks) on doing a job interview. In the mean time, I think it would be useful for you to check this Quora thread on the most common interview questions — and how to answer them.

Tell me: What is the weirdest interview question you have ever heard?

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