Our Honeymoon Trip at The Santai


I have always thought of Bali as the place to go to for a honeymoon. Well, the ideal one would probably be Maldives, but we just could not afford it — finance-wise and also schedule-wise. So, we went to Bali instead, and had the opportunity to stay at The Santai, a villa owned by LifestyleRetreats at Umalas area.

When we first arrived, we were welcomed by the hospitality of the staffs, particularly the butler. The Santai is a very private resort, with only around 11 villas in the premise, and there is a designated butler for each villa. We were going to have the 2-bedroom villa, as it was the smallest villa there is. However, Pak Jelantik – our butler for the day, let us know that our villa had been upgraded to the 3-bedroom villa!

What a beautiful honeymoon gift!

Our 3-bedroom villa was undeniably spacious. Of course – it was supposed to hold around 6 to 8 people in one go! The Santai is located in Kerobokan – Umalas, pretty far from downtown Canggu and Seminyak. Nevertheless, it was exactly what we needed as we were on our honeymoon. The Santai had everything that we needed and wanted, and of course, we did not have to leave the villa just to get food or the like.


The Santai went the extra mile to provide everything we asked for. I asked for a yoga mat to exercise, yet my partner asked for a PlayStation 4. :)) When we arrived our villa, both of these items were already available. The PlayStation 4 was even accompanied by plenty of games, including FIFA.

Food for us was one of the most important things as well. We were worried that we could not find decent food and the ones served in the villa might be too expensive (as how food in hotels and resorts usually are). When we checked the room service menu, apparently it was not expensive at all, especially for a villa as luxurious as The Santai. The food was affordable, served daily by the Gong Restaurant. I think it was even more affordable compared to the newly opened joints around Seminyak area.

For breakfast, we could choose whether we wanted to have it in our villa or in the restaurant. We asked for the breakfast to be served in our villa on our second day. I had these pancakes, along with hot tea and smoothies, while Adit chose to eat grilled salmon for his breakfast.


Not only in-villa breakfast, we could also ask for an in-villa spa treatment. During our stay, there was a “buy 1 get 1” promo for all spa treatments taken before noon.

Our villa was also equipped with a built-in kitchen, dining area, as well as living room. Although we were on honeymoon, I could use some time for myself, especially to write. Therefore, when Adit is using his time to swim, I would sit in the living room to write. Most of all, the place was very inspiring!

DSC04444 DSC04464

On the last night, though, we decided that we should (finally) hang out of the villa. So, we asked – quite suddenly – to our butler whether it is possible for us to rent a motorcycle to go around Seminyak area. (I desperately wanted to go to Potato Head Beach Club, as I had never been!) The butler magically was able to rent a motorcycle for us. It was a painless process! I still can’t believe we could easily got a motorcycle.

As I have mentioned, the service was top notch.


Our stay at The Santai is unforgettable and we definitely would love to go back. Or perhaps, we can also go to other resorts owned by LifestyleRetreats. :)

I would say, The Santai is perfectly suitable for families or groups of friends, as the villa are spacious and equipped by child-friendly amenities (floats, PlayStation, bicycles, etc.).

For more information regarding this resort, kindly go to LifestyleRetreats’ website or The Santai’s.

Umalas – Bali

Jalan Bumbak No.88A, Banjar Kelod Anyar
Kerobokan – Umalas, Bali – Indonesia

Tel: +62 361 900 26 99  or  +62 828 971 900 99
Fax: +62 361 900 25 77
E-mail: bliss@thesantai.com

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