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how are you? hope all is well. i have just made quite a big decision in my life, that i am regretfully putting this blog on hiatus from now on. i will still be writing, hopefully on some certain projects (books or online writing projects like #beatsapart perhaps). i will still post some updates in this blog, especially related to my books, projects, iyc, and all, though. for more personalized updates, kindly follow my twitter & instagram: @alandakariza.

talk soon.

Anugerah Pembaca Indonesia 2012

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Berkat dukungan kalian, buku DreamCatcher dinominasikan untuk memperoleh Anugerah Pembaca Indonesia (API) 2012 di dua kategori, yakni Non-Fiksi dan Sampul Buku Non-Fiksi (sampul dan buku DreamCatcher secara keseluruhan didesain dan diilustrasi oleh Asyerabella Guempel, karyanya bisa dilihat di blognya). Saat ini, API 2012 masih berada dalam tahap Long List I. Setelah Long List I, masih ada Long List II, Short List, dan akhirnya diumumkan pemenangnya. Untuk bisa melaju ke tahap selanjutnya, saya membutuhkan dukungan teman-teman. Jika teman-teman menyukai buku DreamCatcher dan/atau sampulnya, dan/atau teman-teman berharap DreamCatcher bisa masuk ke tahap selanjutnya di API 2012, tolong beri dukungan dengan vote untuk buku DreamCatcher di kategori Non-Fiksi dan Sampul Buku Non-Fiksi di halaman ini.

Dukungan teman-teman akan sangat, sangat berarti. Batas waktu voting adalah tanggal 2 November 2012. Terima kasih banyak karena telah membaca buku DreamCatcher. Semoga buku ini telah membantumu meraih impianmu.

Inspiration: Wear Sunscreen

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In the past two weeks, I had been out of my hometown, and I currently am missing my family, my boyfriend, my best friends. So, just now I decided to send them one of the most inspiring videos I’ve ever seen in my life. I think you’ll like it too. This video was based on a column written and delivered by Mary Schmich, and it probably is going to warm your heart.


Reaching your DREAMS starts from your feet!

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I kind of forgot when was the first time I met Diana Rikasari. The first thing I could remember from her was how I really adored her graphic design and photography works on deviantART. Sooner or later I stumbled upon her blog, Hot Chocolate and Mint, and eventually became friends since.

Diana is one of the people that I really look up to. I really admire how hard-working she is, how she always put her spiritual activities on top of her priorities, and how she deals with people. For me, Diana is such a sincere, kind person. She also embraces her uniqueness.

Long story short, she later quit her job and started becoming a full-time entrepreneur through a fashion (shoe) business called UP. Sometimes Diana send me a pair of shoes as pleasant surprises, and believe it or not, UP is the brand that has made me started wearing shoes other than flats, loafers, or sneakers. I am not tall, and I felt like wearing wedges like what UP has elevates my confidence level. I started being more confident when I have to speak in public or attend important occasions. I gained enough courage to start purchasing high heels and wedges, or at least shoes with kitten heels…

It was the moment that I realized that little things, including fashion items, really could affect our confidence and attitude. I believe shoes would play an important role in women’s lives in reaching their dreams. Just like sports shoes for football athletes, for example.

And yes, that was the story behind, DREAMS, the shoes I designed for UP!

If UP shoes have helped me gained my confidence, I believe DREAMS might do the same thing to you. Not to gain your confidence (as I’m sure you have loads of it), but to accompany you in reaching your dreams. May it be to a job interview, or a concert, I hope this pair of shoes could be there, standing by under your feet.

You can read a more thorough story behind DREAMS on UP’s website.

For every pair of DREAMS sold, a share of the profit goes to the Level Up Scholarship program that is currently financing 151 less privileged children to go to school. You will also get a free story booklet written by me. Moreover, you can join the #1smallstep quiz to win 10 DreamCatcher books from me (you can only find the how-to and regulations if you have purchased the shoes though). All shoes are made-to-order, so buy early.

Buy the shoes here.

Thanks, girls!