A Quarter-Life Crisis, Perhaps

Reading time: 4 – 7 minutes

I have refrained myself from labeling this as a quarter-life crisis not only because I am still two years short, but also in the wake of my disbelief to such sights. I had always believed that things like pre-menstrual syndromes are simply excuses made up by men who did not want to compromise to their women in arguments, as much as quarter-life crises are made up by young adults who cannot figure out what they want to do in their life.

In spite of that, I had come into realisation that a quarter-life crisis is perhaps what I am going through at the moment – or perhaps not.

Last year, I graduated from the university and signed off to become a full-time employee in a giant multinational company based in Jakarta. A lot of people asked me why I took the decision, which seemed strange to them. “I had always thought you were going to work in the UN or an NGO!” is something I had gotten used to hearing every single day in my first months of being employed, at least from the mouths of youngsters who are stuck in the same circles with mine. To be frank, the job that I possess is a job that could be enviable to some, not to mention the company I work for is a company that I really admire. However, I still could not keep that question from being thrown onto my face. Maybe because people already have expectations on what I should do in life.

I basically took the decision to work full-time because I have seen too many young ‘activists‘ or self-proclaimed pseudo-entrepreneurs trying to change the world without having a sense of reality and what really happens on the ground. I wanted to know how it would feel like to meet people in remote areas, to witness how they maintain a certain perspective towards current issues, and how they run their lives. I also practically had never been led by someone else, let alone having a boss. I thought that would have been an essential experience to be possessed, also to prevent myself from turning into a Ms. Know-It-All.

Long story short, I have managed working in a company for over a year now, something I had never thought I would ever successfully go through. Now here comes the trouble. By this point, most of my friends from certain circles have already graduated, or at least, signed up for graduate school. Other have started award-winning entrepreneurial pursuits, or successfully soared as talented ‘self-employed’ artists, writers, or film-makers. Yet, here I am, working in a company on a 9-to-6 job (no, it’s not an 8-to-5). Yearning for my pay day to come sooner, or for a day to run more quickly.

Sometimes it makes me ask myself, “What have I been doing in the past one year?”

It’s something that I constantly talk about to my significant other, someone whom I seek to console myself with. He has always been a hard worker, one of his qualities that makes look up to him. He’s started working part-time in high school to do the same thing until he’s finished university, to earn money to pay for his living costs and tuition fees. He then worked on two jobs simultaneously for a couple of years. Quoting on what he often says to me, “Be grateful of the job you have. I used to come home at 3 am only to find myself working again 4 to 5 hours later, to make ends meet.”

This evening, I re-told him the same story, that sometimes I feel like I have not been doing much, I have not been doing great things for my future like what my friends are doing. I have not been contributing to the country as much as I could, and as much as I should. I haven’t been…

This is what he told me,

“I think what you are doing: creating activations at work, writing books, selling ice creams, have tangible results. I could see you doing it. It is not something that could be gone through the thin air. It is not something conceptual anymore. I think, by doing so, you have been creating an impact in people’s lives, an impact that could be witnessed, which is not something that many people could do these days.”

And that got me thinking.

In IYC, we have always believed on the principle that anyone, any young person, should be able to positively contribute towards the development of Indonesia through his/her passion and interests — no matter what they might be. That the contribution should not be limited to activities in the field of politics and education, but also creative industry and economy. That whatever you like to do could be transformed into something useful for the community, only if you know how to do it, and how to see it.

I could not believe that I, myself, could forget to apply this principle in my own life. I have not done much, yes, but I could keep on pursuing anytime I wish to. Perhaps the way could be different with how my friends are doing it. Perhaps I do not go to Ivy League schools, or volunteer in political campaigns, but it can never mean that I am not allowed to go my own ways in creating my own version of “contribution” towards the betterment of Indonesia, can it?

But hey, perhaps this is just one of a useless ramblings of a recently-legal girl having both quarter-life crisis and pre-menstrual syndrome at the same time.

Or perhaps not.

Dreamers Gathering 2014

Reading time: < 1 minute

Akhir tahun 2014 ini, saya (akhirnya) akan menerbitkan buku baru. Bukunya berupa sebuah memoar perjalanan yang berjudul “Travel Young”.

Kamu bisa menjadi salah satu pembaca pertama buku “Travel Young” ini dengan menghadiri acara Dreamers Gathering: Traveling Selagi Muda.

Acaranya akan diselenggarakan besok – hari Sabtu, 28 November 2014 di Promenade, Pejaten. Dengan biaya Rp75.000, kita bisa ngobrol-ngobrol soal melakukan perjalanan selagi muda, ditemani Mbak Windy Ariestanty juga. Selain itu, kamu juga akan mendapatkan buku “Travel Young” lebih dulu dibanding pembaca lainnya, dan mendapatkan merchandise “Travel Young”.

Segera daftarkan diri kamu ya!

Pampering Myself at SAMPAR

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by SAMPAR to try their facial treatment in their flagship store in Kota Kasablanka. SAMPAR is a skin care product from Paris, which is specifically formulated for women living in urban areas. I was hesitant at first. I definitely am not a fan of facial treatments because most of them usually hurt, but then the Therapist advised that SAMPAR’s kind of facial treatment would not hurt at all. So I gave it a try!

I have a quite acne prone skin, especially when my face is not thoroughly cleansed or when I am having a PMS. I was recommended to try the Pure Perfection facial treatment, which usually treats acne prone skin well. Other than this treatment, SAMPAR also provides treatment for ageing skin and normal skin.

3SAMPAR outlet in Kota Kasablanka

11Facial treatment area

During the treatment, SAMPAR products were applied to my face, from the cleansing products to moisturising products.  It felt awesome because not only my face was treated, but also my neck and feet which got massaged by the Therapist. It was truly such a relaxing experience. What a great way to sum my day up after a long day at work.

SAMPAR’s facial treatment lasts for around 45 to 60 minutes, with costs ranging around from IDR 350,000 to IDR 450,000 based on the type of facial treatment you are referring to. For more information, go to their Instagram @sampar_ind and they will be happy to answer your questions about the treatments and products!

Berbagi Mimpi & Bersinergi

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Apa yang hendak saya sampaikan di tulisan ini mungkin sudah pernah kamu dengar, tapi mungkin juga belum. Saya ingin bercerita soal suatu hari di bulan Januari 2009, di mana saya untuk pertama kalinya bercita-cita menyelenggarakan sebuah konferensi untuk anak muda Indonesia yang tidak dibatasi oleh topik, daerah, maupun cita-cita. Sebuah ajang di mana anak-anak muda dari Indonesia, apapun latar belakang dan impiannya, bisa berkumpul dan menyampaikan pendapat mereka, serta berkembang untuk membangun Indonesia agar bisa menjadi lebih baik. Saya pun mengajak sejumlah teman dekat untuk bekerjasama merancang konsep untuk kegiatan ini. Kami pun menamainya, Indonesian Youth Conference. 

Besok, tepatnya pada hari Sabtu, 8 November 2014, Indonesian Youth Conference akan diselenggarakan untuk kelima kalinya, dengan format yang masih sama dengan yang kami selenggarakan pertama kali di tahun 2010: Forum, di mana kami mengundang perwakilan dari seluruh provinsi di Indonesia untuk diberikan pelatihan tentang bagaimana membuat dan mengeksekusi sebuah proyek untuk menuntaskan masalah yang ada di komunitas mereka masing-masing; serta Festival, di mana kami menyajikan belasan forum diskusi dengan topik yang berbeda-beda di dalam satu hari, agar siapapun yang ingin membangun negeri ini bisa belajar dari pakarnya, tidak peduli apakah mereka tertarik pada bidang politik, seni, maupun kesehatan. Sebuah acara untuk semua.

Indonesian Youth Conference berawal dari sebuah impian sederhana. Impian, yang dengan indahnya, berhasil kami bagi ke begitu banyak orang. Dari sekitar 30 orang panitia di tahun 2010, saat ini telah ada ratusan, bahkan mungkin ribuan relawan yang pernah terlibat. Tidak mudah membagi suatu impian yang lahir di kepala seseorang untuk dijadikan milik bersama. Ternyata, melalui Indonesian Youth Conference, saya belajar bahwa hal itu bisa dilakukan. Memiliki konsistensi untuk menyelenggarakan suatu proyek tidak pernah menjadi suatu hal yang mudah, untuk itu saya menyampaikan rasa salut, hormat, dan terima kasih yang begitu besar kepada teman-teman yang sudah mencintai dan berkarya melalui Indonesian Youth Conference, jauh lebih kuat dari yang saya bisa bayangkan.

Mimpi ini lahir ketika saya berusia 17 tahun. Hari ini, usia saya sudah 23 tahun, menuju ke 24 dalam waktu dekat. Dan di usia ini, ternyata saya masih punya kebanggaan yang sama, bahwa saya dan teman-teman menyelenggarakan sebuah kegiatan bertajuk Indonesian Youth Conference setiap tahunnya, di mana kita bisa berjumpa dengan anak muda dari Sabang sampai Merauke. Kebanyakan dari mereka, memiliki visi yang sama: untuk bergerak dan bersinergi menuju Indonesia yang lebih baik.

Kami tidak pernah tahu apakah tahun depan Indonesian Youth Conference masih akan diselenggarakan. Inginnya iya, tapi mungkin juga tidak. Untuk itu, saya berharap kamu bisa menghadiri Festival Indonesian Youth Conference tahun ini. Sabtu, 8 November 2014 di Upper Room, Wisma Nusantara, Jakarta. Saya ingin berbagi impian ini dengan kamu. Saya harap, ini tidak akan menjadi kali terakhir.

Sampai ketemu, dan semoga kita bisa bersinergi.