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  1. Kakak… you are amazing girl I WISH I COULD BE LIKE YOU… kak,.. kapan ya kira-kira IYC adain festival lagi? kalau mau gabung di IYC caranya gimana? thx.. Salam kenal, Nadja

    • This is closely reltaed to another anti-science slogan I’ve been hearing a lot lately: Don’t eat food with ingredients you can’t pronounce. So someone like me with a chemistry background is allowed to eat the worst processed junk available just because I can pronounce it? And the caveats, that chemistry is by definition unpronouncable (shades of Barbie’s Math class is hard!! ) and that ignorance and disdain of science is a good thing.I’d like to hear a campaign for don’t eat any food-type product that comes in a box or a squeeze tube. I’d support that.

  2. saya pengen ikut kegiatan yang memberikan pengaruh luar biasa begini. cuman satu yang saya pikirin, gak takut ngeganggu sekolah?

  3. Klara Danastri

    perkenalkan, saya klara. apa sih kak yang membuat kakak yakin proyek-proyek kakak dan teman-teman akan berhasil? dan apa yang mendasari berjalannya itu semua?
    so, salam kenal ya. i hope i can join iyc 2012 :)

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