Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Alanda believes being comfortable with ourselves plays a vital role in supporting us to reach our dreams and could be gained through various stuff. Ever since she started wearing the shoes produced by UP, she has realized that the little things in life, including fashion items, could boost our confidence and affect our attitude in everyday life. Being in comfortable shoes make us feel comfortable and allow us to do great things in life tirelessly.

Learning from her experience, she wants other girls to feel the same way. So, she worked with UP to design a pair of shoes called DREAMS made of denim with triple star studs that focus on giving comfort to women without forgetting to elevate our confidence. She wants the shoes to accompany ladies all over the world to reach their dreams and remind them that dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Read the story behind the design here.

DREAMS could be purchased here for IDR 285,000. Every pair of DREAMS comes with a free story booklet written by Alanda. Buyers are also entitled to join the #1smallstep quiz to win 10 DreamCatcher books (find out how to join in the story booklet).

Most importantly, for every pair of DREAMS sold, a share of the profit goes to the Level Up Scholarship program that is currently financing 151 less privileged children to go to school.

The shoes are only available for a limited time, that is September & October 2012.