The Relief


I am a spiritual person, but not at all religious. I truly believe there is a Greater Power (of God – that is), but to be frank, my religious practice has been far from perfect. Nevertheless, there is a surah from the Quran that I dearly like.

“The Relief” (QS 94)
Did We not expand for you, your breast?
And We removed you from your burden
Which had weighed upon your back
And raised high for you your repute
For indeed, with hardship (will be) ease
Indeed, with hardship (will be) ease

It has made me keep on going. Whenever I had to face any kind of hardship, I always remembered that there would be ease that follows. There would be a way out, from any kind of difficulties we face.

What I might have failed to remember is that it might work the other way around, if only I had rephrased the sentence. With ease, (will be) hardship. I had received so much, so many blessings that made me happy in the recent years.. Little that I realised, I would have plenty of difficulties that followed them through as well.

I just hope I have all it takes to endure this.

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