BOOK LAUNCH: Travel Young at TOMS Grand Indonesia



At the end of last year, I did not only got engaged but also got the chance to launch my (long-awaited) new book, Travel YoungThe book was officially launched on 21 December 2015 in TOMS, Central Department Store, Grand Indonesia. TOMS is definitely one of my favourite brands in the world, thanks to its awesome concept that when you buy a pair of shoes, you are also giving another pair to someone in need. They were going to open their first store in Indonesia, and I was flattered that they wanted me to launch my book to “open” their store!

The book launch was a rather intimate one due to the limited space, but I was really happy because a lot of media friends came, a couple of close friends, and my partner were there to give their utmost support. :)

Travel Young is basically a travel memoir that documents my journey to a number of destinations, mainly outside Indonesia, to attend conferences or speak on behalf of young Indonesians in international forums. I shared my journey to those places, as well as my journey on growing up and embracing adulthood — a process I had never thought could be documented in writing.

Have you read Travel Young? If so, kindly let me know what you think! And if you haven’t, go grab it at the nearest book stores (including online).

Photos taken by my partner. 

6 thoughts on “BOOK LAUNCH: Travel Young at TOMS Grand Indonesia

  1. Indri Saptalika

    Dear Alanda,

    I am sorry to say.
    But I think it supposed to launched on 21 December 2014, instead of 2015 :)

    Warm Regards,

  2. Too bad I couldn’t come ): but I’m so glad after read the book! Aku sengaja baca #TravelYoung pas di pesawat terbang , biar feelingnya dapet (wolopun bukan ke luar negeri hahaha). Selain chapter di Nice, aku juga suka cerita pas ‘nabrak pohon’ di Bali ((: the overall book is a real great one!

    Ditunggu kejutan baru di 2015 yaa! Have fun Hamburg! (:

  3. hey Alanda.. I’m Reza your fan from Pontianak, I already read Travel Young! your book was totally different from your previous book “Dream Catcher”. It is like you wanted to show to your readers that you already changing and became more mature through your writing. I love the new you, I hope you can be a great wife and great woman in the near future. FYI: You already become my inspiration along my way to catching my own dreams. Thank you very much for that. Best regard your faithful fan.

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